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Keep Your Pay Practices Competitive has exclusive salary data, practical FLSA analysis, and thousands of work-saving tools. Help is just 2 minutes away:

  • Salary Center - BLR’s exclusive salary surveys put reliable data on over 40,000 jobs at your fingertips – for your state and region
  • Plain-English state compensation law analysis - Never guess again about the ins and outs of overtime, FLSA, and minimum wage laws in your state
  • 100s of customizable, downloadable tools - Pre-written job descriptions, sample policies, forms make administration easier
  • HR Daily Advisor - Keeps you in the know with HR and compensation news and content
  • "Ask the Experts" - Personalized answers to your compensation questions
Free Checklist - FLSA Exemption Checklist
Just for trying we will send you this practical checklist - it will help you determine FLSA exemptions from minimum wage requirements applicable to different employee types. Available immediately when you complete the free trial signup! - Your one-stop resource for reliable compensation data and compliance help.

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