About this Site

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and useful compensation information and salary data on the Web.

This is a subscription site. A basic subscription includes all federal content and the content of one state. Additional states, multiyear, and multiuser licenses can be purchased at discounted prices.

Some of the valuable data, tools, and information you’ll find on this site:

Salary Center
Indispensable data and tools to help you price jobs and manage your organization’s compensation:

  • Salary Finder – Use this feature to get current, reliable salary survey data for thousands of jobs. Save your searches, print data, or download data to an Excel file.
  • Rate Ranges – Select your organizations demographic criteria and get comprehensive rate ranges for all types of jobs. Print reports or download the data to an Excel file.
  • Grade a Job – Use this tool to price any job by identifying its grade using a standard 9-factor analysis and applying that grade to current salary survey data. Save graded jobs in your library and print reports or download data to an Excel file.
  • Merit Increases – Look up survey data on merit increases by job type for your location and industry.
  • My Saved Jobs – Create and organize your personal library of saved jobs.

Employee Benefits Benchmark Data
Current benchmark employee benefit survey data for dozens of benefits against your industry and region.

Use these handy Excel files to calculate important metrics, such as turnover rates and costs per hire.

Customizable and Downloadable Compensation Management Tools
Access hundreds of prewritten job descriptions, forms and sample policies, ready to download and customize.

Legal Analysis
Plain-English, in-depth summaries of the differences between federal and state laws and regulations for more than 65 compensation and benefits topics.

Best Practices
Hundreds of White Papers and Guidance documents with practical compensation management guidance.

Daily News
Compensation related news written by BLR’s staff of HR and compensation professionals, updated daily.

Ask the Experts!
Subscribers questions answered within three business days, and a Q & As database of questions and answers, organized by topic.

Current Reliable Data
BLR conducts surveys of employers every year to collect up-to-date and reliable data on pay budgets, employee benefits and compensation matters. This information is published in special reports and also made available on Compensation.BLR.com® under the “surveys” tab. BLR provides you with current, reliable information on thousands of job titles and hundreds of industries you can feel confident using to benchmark competitive salaries in your organization.

My Compensation.BLR.com
In My Compensation.BLR, you can quickly locate and organize notes, bookmarks, and documents you saved for later use, as well as save your preferences on the site. My Compensation.BLR includes sections for My Documents, My Questions, and My Preferences.

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