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Salary Center
Salary Finder

Access to more than 50,000 jobs at the national, state, and local level, as well as for hundreds of different industries. Includes salary data and job descriptions.
BLR Compensation Analyzer

Create reports that will help manage your compensation programs, demonstrating how employee salaries and/or jobs compare against your organization's rate ranges/grades, BLR salary data, and external survey market data.
Grade a Job

A nine-factor job evaluation tool to assign salary grades to each job in your organization.
Rate Ranges

A tool to help you develop your own rate ranges. By assigning a rate range for each salary grade, you create a compensation structure based on market data that has internal equity built into the process.
Merit Increases

An annual survey of employers to provide you with information you need to develop your merit increase budget for the coming year.
Custom Report

Create and save benchmark salary data reports the way you want them. Reports can include data for multiple jobs, metros, states and industries, all downloadable to Excel.
My Saved Jobs

Save salary data for specific jobs and demographic profiles generated using the Salary Finder.
My Demographic Profiles

Create and save multiple combinations of industry, company size and geographic selections relevant to your company.
90+ Topics, covering every aspect of compensation administration.
Archive of over 4,000 News articles with current information on topics about everything from administrative exemption to workers’compensation.
900+ White Papers with concise details on a myriad of compensation topics.
350+ Guidance Documents to help you manage your compensation program by providing answers to comp-related questions and situations.
Resource Centers

Comp 101: Intro to Compensation
Explains the basic elements of compensation planning in easy to understand terms and provides the guidance needed to set up an effective compensation program.
Federal and 50 State Comparison Charts
Summarizes requirements on key HR and compensation-related topics.
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Articles and timesavers to help you understand the 2004 revisions to the FLSA and determine whether you employees are properly categorized as exempt or nonexempt.
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Includes analysis, guidance, FAQs, forms, news articles, and white papers to help you ensure that your organization is in compliance with the new FMLA rules that went into effect January 16, 2009.
Healthcare Reform
A compilation of resources to help you comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (PPACA), also known as healthcare reform.
Job Descriptions
A wide variety of guidance and tools & time savers, including: news articles, white papers, forms, checklists, and salary data to help you manage job descriptions within your organization.
Find out how HR and compensation professionals manage practices and procedures from benefits to vacation time.
Available to subscribers at no additional charge (a $10,000 annual value!).
Tools & Timesavers
BLR Compensation Analyzer

Create a database of your organization’s positions, providing the information you need to create reports to manage your organization's compensation program. Demonstrate how employee salaries and/or jobs compare against your organization's rate ranges/grades, BLR salary data, and external survey market data.
Job Description Manager

Modify thousands of prewritten job descriptions and save them in your personal job description library. Benchmark the salaries for the jobs against similar jobs. Maintain and manage your legally compliant job descriptions in one place.
Over 120 Compensation Forms for everything from attendance to withholding.
Over 180 Customizable Policies, covering topics from apprenticeship to workers’ compensation.
Thousands of Job Descriptions for positions in departments ranging from administration to sales & marketing.

Over 30 Calculators to help determine everything from benefits to weekly payroll.

Over 70 Checklists to help manage everything from absenteeism to workers’ compensation.

HR Forums
Ask your peers questions and advice or just commiserate about daily compensation challenges on BLR’s active HR and Compensation forum.
Archived results from over 100 polls to shed light on everything from on the job accidents to work/life balance.
HR Strange but True
Real life HR stories from the trenches.
Live Webinars
Upcoming live webinars on everything from ADA to Safety in the workplace.
Ask the Experts
Answers to questions subscribers pose to our compensation experts are maintained for future reference!
My Documents
A repository for subscribers’ saved documents on-site.
My Questions
A record of individual subscriber’s questions submitted to BLR.
A tool that allows you to manage how the site delivers news and white papers. You set the default 60 days - 1 year, or to show all and set analysis page paragraphs as expanded or collapsed.
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