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Access all of your compensation resources in one place with!® provides the tools you need to spend less time searching and compiling and more time getting things done.

Some of these time-saving features include:
  • Salary Finder — Salary data for thousands of job titles across all industries, company sizes, and states.
  • Rate Ranges — A comprehensive job grade structure designed to accommodate any organization.
  • Job Descriptions Manager — Thousands of pre-written job descriptions in an easy-to-use tool that can be customized for your organization.
  • Time Savers — Hundreds of sample forms, policies, and self-audit checklists.
  • Calculators — Easy-to-use tools to help you track HR metrics, including: compensation mix, compensation as a percent of total expenses, labor cost per employee, staff ratio, turnover, and more.
  • Survey Resources Center — See how other organizations manage everything from benefits to holidays to pay budgets.
  • And so much more!
If you're ready to see in action, you can take a free trial to see how this must-have resource can go to work for you. And, when you sign up, you'll also get immediate access to our free Cost-Per-Hire Calculator download! 

Free Cost Per Hire Calculator
In order to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruiting function, many employers calculate the cost per hire. Cost per hire is calculated by adding up all of the expenses associated with recruiting and then dividing that amount by the number of new hires during the period. Download now, then use your free trial to find 100's of additional resources to make your job easier!  
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