An Intoxicated Interview

It appears that quite a few of our readers have had an odd interview experience. Last month we ran a series of articles featuring readers’ submissions, but we couldn’t fit them all. So this week we decided to share a few more.

The interview is an opportunity for applicants to present themselves in a professional and personable manor. So, it comes as no surprise that showing up to an interview intoxicated can kill your chances of securing the job, especially if you’re applying to be a truck driver!

Here is the SBT reader’s story:

“I work for a trucking company and I interview and hire drivers. I had a driver applicant show up to the interview so drunk that he missed the chair and fell on the floor when [trying to] sit down! Needless to say, we did not select him for the job!”

Thank you SBT reader for sharing your story with us.

Do you have an odd work-related story? Submit your own Strange but True! experience, and it could be featured in an upcoming column.

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