The area of employment benefits remains one of the thorniest areas of employment law, and we have created this resource center to help you through the maze of benefits compliance. Whether you are new to dealing with employment benefits or a seasoned benefits professional, we hope it will become the first resource in your search for assistance with benefits management.

Benefits Surveys
Benefits Survey

Recent Benefits Surveys:

Benefits Administration
Benefits Communication
Domestic Partner Benefits
Health Insurance Privacy (HIPAA)


Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Flexible Benefits/Cafeteria Plans
Healthcare Benefits
Healthcare Insurance
Prescription Drug Plans
Vision Insurance
Disability Insurance
Workers' Compensation
Long-Term Care

Leave Benefits
FMLA (Leave of Absence)
Jury Duty/ Court Appearance
Leave of Absence (FMLA)
Military Service
Personal Leave
Sick Leave
Social Security/ Medicare
Fiduciary Duty
Life Insurance
Retirement Planning
Retirement Savings/401(k)
Welfare and Pension Reports

Perks (Fringe Benefits)
Child Care/Daycare
Credit Unions
Tuition Assistance

Health Insurance Continuation
Unemployment Compensation

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