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170305index.aspxGuidance Job Descriptions in the Age of Remote Work: Crafting the Right Descriptions for Your Workplace 02/02/2021National
170299index.aspxGuidance New Year HR Payroll Updates, Notices and Reminders 01/05/2021National
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170290index.aspxGuidance Interns, Volunteers, and Employees: Avoid the Costly Pitfalls 10/30/2020National
170289index.aspxGuidance Employer Taxation and Withholding: Changes to Form W-4 and Form 941 and Other New Reporting Requirements 09/30/2020National
170281index.aspxGuidance Critical FLSA Update: Recent Legal Changes That Will Affect Your Company (8/2020) 08/31/2020National
170283index.aspxGuidance DOL Guidance: Are You Doing OT Correctly? Could You Save $ with the New Rules? (7/2020) 08/31/2020National
170282index.aspxGuidance Wage and Hour Audits: Top Risk Areas for Employers (8/2020) 08/31/2020National
170277index.aspxGuidance Pandemic Planning: Wage and Hour Issues (7/2020) 07/31/2020National
170266index.aspxGuidance Employee Benefit Contribution Pitfalls: Tips on How to Vary Contributions While Avoiding Legal Missteps (5/2020) 06/01/2020National
170260index.aspxGuidance California Employment Misclassification Risks Greater than Ever Before: How to Ensure Compliance with AB 5 (5/2020) 05/12/2020National
170259index.aspxGuidance Wage and Hour Reimbursement Issues: Practical Impact of DOL's Final Rule on Regular Rate of Pay (4/2020) 05/12/2020National
170258index.aspxGuidance Paid Time Off Policy Development and Updates: Carry Over, Use It or Lose It, and Paid Parental, Sick, and Safe Time (3/2020) 04/03/2020National
170256index.aspxGuidance Pay Grades and Job Value: How to Create a Compensation Program to Remain Competitive (2/2020) 03/11/2020National
170227index.aspxGuidance Gig Worker Misclassifications: How to Avoid DOL and IRS Scrutiny, Citations, and Costly Penalties (12/2019) 02/13/2020National
170244index.aspxGuidance Social Security and Medicare: Communication and Compliance Challenges as Employees Approach Retirement Age (8/2019) 02/13/2020National
170236index.aspxGuidance 1094-C and 1095-C and Employer Shared Responsibility Requirements: Prepare for Upcoming ACA Compliance Deadlines (2/2020) 02/13/2020National
170226index.aspxGuidance 2020 Payroll Tax and Processing Updates: Understanding the Implications of the Redesigned Form W-4, Data Security, and More (12/2019) 02/13/2020National
170237index.aspxGuidance Benefits Administration and Leaves of Absence: Navigating Coverage and Payment Issues to Avoid Liability (12/2019) 02/13/2020National
170230index.aspxGuidance DOL's Final Overtime Exemption Rule Released: What the Changes Mean for Your Organization (10/2019) 02/13/2020National
170235index.aspxGuidance FMLA Leave Is Exhausted: How to Address Transfer and ADA Accommodation Requests, Fitness-for-Duty Exams, and More (7/2019) 02/13/2020National
170243index.aspxGuidance Form W-4 Employee Withholding Certificate: How to Correctly Withhold Taxes and Avoid Common and Costly Pitfalls (5/2019) 02/13/2020National
170231index.aspxGuidance Job Descriptions: Pro Tips on Drafting Compelling Messaging to Attract the Right Types of Candidates (9/2019) 02/13/2020National
170239index.aspxGuidance Multistate Employers Payroll Tax Pitfalls: How to Correct the Most Common Errors Before They Result in Costly Penalties (4/2019) 02/13/2020National
170232index.aspxGuidance Overtime Calculations Done Right Under Federal Law: Do's and Don'ts for FLSA Compliance (9/2019) 02/13/2020National
170233index.aspxGuidance Overtime Exemption Misclassifications: How to Spot and Fix Errors While Minimizing Legal Risks (9/2019) 02/13/2020National
170242index.aspxGuidance Paid Sick and Safe Time Compliance Update: What HR Needs to Know to Manage Legal Risks (11/2018) 02/13/2020National
170238index.aspxGuidance Paid Sick Leave Administration for Multistate Employers: The Latest Nationwide Updates Impacting Policy Development and Administration (12/2019) 02/13/2020National
170240index.aspxGuidance Parental Leave, Pregnancy, and Pay: When There's High Risk of EEOC Scrutiny, Costly Lawsuits, Penalties and Fines 'Based on Sex' (11/2018) 02/13/2020National
170228index.aspxGuidance Salary Negotiation Skills: How to Close the Deal with Talent in Today's Competitive Job Market (11/2019) 02/13/2020National
170225index.aspxGuidance Travel Time, On-call, and Training Pay: How to Comply with FLSA Rule for Overtime-eligible Employees (1/2020) 02/13/2020National
170229index.aspxGuidance Unjustifiable Wage Gaps: How to Spot and Fix Pay Equity Mistakes to Avoid Legal Risk under the Equal Pay Act and Title VII (11/2019) 02/13/2020National
170241index.aspxGuidance Wages, Leave, and Disability: Stay Compliant Under FMLA, USERRA, and Other Protected Leaves (7/2019) 02/13/2020National
170234index.aspxGuidance When Winter Weather Strikes: Mastering FMLA, FLSA, & Other Challenges During Emergency Shutdowns (1/2020) 02/13/2020National
169851index.aspxGuidance Compensation Fundamentals for HR: Job Benchmarking, Pay Surveys, and More for Recruiting and Retaining Talent 03/19/2018National
169824index.aspxGuidance Pay Transparency: How To Navigate New Trends Relating to Employee Pay and Salary Histories 02/23/2018National
169717index.aspxGuidance Compensation Essentials for HR: Comp Insider's Tips for Ensuring the Competitiveness of Your Pay Plans 11/08/2017National
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