Wages and salaries make up a large percentage of the fixed costs in any business or organization. Therefore, developing an accurate operating expense budget requires that changes in wages and salaries be accurately forecast and incorporated into the budgeting process. To predict changes in wages and salaries, employers often look to pay budget surveys that provide information on what other companies are budgeting for average merit pay increases and, when applicable, for general cost of living adjustments.

BLR conducts its own annual pay budget survey to provide you with the information you need. Listed below are links to results of our most recent surveys, along with a link to our Survey Resource Center.





Pay Budget Survey Summary - 2020

Pay Budget Survey Summary - 2019

Pay Budget Survey Summary - 2018

Pay Budget Survey Summary -- 2017

Pay Budget Survey Summary -- 2016

Pay Budget Survey Summary -- 2015

Pay Budget Survey Summary -- 2014

Pay Budget Survey Summary -- 2013

Pay Budget Survey Summary -- 2012

Pay Budget Survey Summary -- 2011






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