State Comparison Charts provide a quick look at state requirements on key HR- and compensation-related topics. They are handy for employers with employees in multiple states. More detailed analysis is available under topic in the Library. You can find a chart for Canadian laws here.
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168374index.aspxGuidance 2015 Minimum Wage Chart  National
168726index.aspxGuidance 2016 Minimum Wage Chart  National
169254index.aspxGuidance 2017 Minimum Wage Chart  National
169906index.aspxGuidance 50 Employment Laws in Canada  National
159440index.aspxGuidance Breaks/Meal Periods, by State  National
166925index.aspxGuidance Child Labor, by State  National
159467index.aspxGuidance Deductions from Pay/Garnishment, by State  National
166926index.aspxGuidance Direct Deposit, by State  National
160814index.aspxGuidance Disability Insurance, by State  National
158295index.aspxGuidance Family and Medical Leave, by State  National
166927index.aspxGuidance Final Paycheck, by State  National
159646index.aspxGuidance Health Insurance Continuation: Requirements, by State  National
166928index.aspxGuidance Jury Duty/Witness Service Leave, by State  National
166929index.aspxGuidance Medical Maternity: Discrimination, Leave, Benefits, by State  National
159466index.aspxGuidance Military Leave, by State  National
159221index.aspxGuidance Minimum Wage, by State  National
167023index.aspxGuidance Minimum Wage, by State (PDF)  National
166930index.aspxGuidance Overtime, by State  National
166931index.aspxGuidance Payment of Commissions, by State  National
160816index.aspxGuidance Payout of Vacation/Sick Pay, by State  National
166933index.aspxGuidance Sick Leave and Other Paid Time Off, by State  National
166932index.aspxGuidance Small Necessities Leave, by State  National
166521index.aspxGuidance Unemployment Compensation: Benefits, by State  National
159223index.aspxGuidance Unemployment Compensation: Coverage, by State  National
159224index.aspxGuidance Unemployment Compensation: Exclusions, by State  National
159222index.aspxGuidance Unemployment Compensation: Tax Rates, by State  National
160757index.aspxGuidance Wage Payment, by State  National
159549index.aspxGuidance Workers' Compensation: Agencies and Regulations, by State  National
159572index.aspxGuidance Workers’ Compensation, by State  National
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