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11098177155 AnalysisVacations Vacations Current National316
11083158155 AnalysisSick Leave Sick Leave Current National36
11057127155 AnalysisPersonal Leave Personal Leave Current National33
1101967155 AnalysisFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Current National28
1103398155 AnalysisLeave of Absence (FMLA) Leave of Absence (FMLA) Current National28
1565563155 AnalysisExempt Personnel Exempt Personnel Current National25
11042110155 AnalysisMilitary Service (USERRA) Military Service Current National16
11104184155 AnalysisWithholding Withholding Current National15
11090169155 AnalysisTermination (with Discharge) Termination (with Discharge) Current National13
1102270155 AnalysisFlexible Benefits/ Cafeteria Plans Flexible Benefits/ Cafeteria Plans Current National12
11052121155 AnalysisOvertime Overtime Current National11
1102882155 AnalysisHours of Work Hours of Work Current National10
11055124155 AnalysisPaychecks Paychecks Current National9
1098818155 AnalysisBenefits Overview Benefits Current National8
11095174155 AnalysisTurnover Turnover Current National7
11043111155 AnalysisMinimum Wage Minimum Wage Current National6
11096175155 AnalysisUnemployment Compensation Unemployment Compensation Current National6
1101455155 AnalysisEmployment Contracts Employment Contracts Current National5
7542226155 AnalysisCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation) Health Insurance Continuation (COBRA) Current National5
1103296155 AnalysisLayoff Layoff Current National5
11105186155 AnalysisWorkers' Compensation Workers' Compensation Current National5
11091170155 AnalysisTime-Keeping Time-Keeping Current National4
1099729155 AnalysisCompensation Administration Compensation Administration Current National3
1100741155 AnalysisDisability Insurance Disability Insurance Current National3
1101558155 AnalysisEqual Pay/Comparable Worth Equal Pay/Comparable Worth Current National3
1102986155 AnalysisIndependent Contractors Independent Contractors Current National3
1098919155 AnalysisBonus Payments Bonus Payments Current National2
1101760155 AnalysisERISA ERISA Current National2
11039106155 AnalysisMaternity and Pregnancy Maternity and Pregnancy Current National2
15651125155 AnalysisPayroll Payroll Current National2
109671155 AnalysisRetirement Savings and Pension Plans Retirement Savings/401(k) Current National2
159154 155timesavers.aspxPoliciesVacations Vacation Current National381
152148 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersTermination (with Discharge) If an exempt employee's sick time taken exceeds his sick time accrued and he is then terminated, can we apply his unused, accrued vacation toward the sick time he took before it was accrued? Current National293
152228 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersVacations Is it standard to pay terminated employees for their unused accrued vacation time, whether or not they quit or are terminated? We are in New York and California. Current National262
152199 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersVacations We have employees that will work just until they earn vacation time and then give their 2 weeks notice. Am i right that we cannot get around this? Current National262
169510 155news.aspxNewsVacations Permanent Vacation: ‘Use It or Lose It’ Policies and Payout of Vacation at Termination Current National256
155811 155news.aspxNewsVacations Vacation Pay Lawsuits on the Rise 12/20/2007 National226
152232 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersVacations I have a question regarding laying someone off and not paying for there entire vacation. Current National224
152227 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersVacations I just discovered that according to our personal leave time (PLT)procedures our people earn PLT when they are taking PLT. They earn vacation when they are on vacation. Is this a normal procedure? Current National186
152201 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersVacations In the state of NC, is it a law that an individual has to be paid for their accrued, unused vacation if they are terminated? Current National186
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