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11055124155 AnalysisPaychecks Paychecks Current National28
11043111155 AnalysisMinimum Wage Minimum Wage Current National26
11052121155 AnalysisOvertime Overtime Current National20
1101967155 AnalysisFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Current National16
1102882155 AnalysisHours of Work Hours of Work Current National12
1565563155 AnalysisExempt Personnel Exempt Personnel Current National11
11093172155 AnalysisTravel Time Travel Time Current National10
15651125155 AnalysisPayroll Payroll Current National7
1103398155 AnalysisLeave of Absence (FMLA) Leave of Absence (FMLA) Current National5
1099729155 AnalysisCompensation Administration Compensation Administration Current National4
1100537155 AnalysisDeductions from Pay Deductions from Pay Current National3
11068139155 AnalysisRecords Records Current National3
1099222155 AnalysisCallback/Report-In Pay Callback/Report-In Pay Current National2
1100032155 AnalysisContingent Workers Contingent Workers Current National2
1103296155 AnalysisLayoff Layoff Current National2
11083158155 AnalysisSick Leave Sick Leave Current National2
167231 155guidance.aspxGuidanceCompensation Administration Glossary of Compensation Terms Current National49
167375 155guidance.aspxGuidanceCompensation Administration Compensation 101: Wage and Hour Basics Current National41
153946 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersPaychecks I have an employee who abandoned their job after one day's work. Do I have to pay him at the agreed hourly rate or can I pay minimum wage? Do I have to pay him at all? Current National32
168905 155news.aspxNewsOvertime Calculating overtime using the fluctuating workweek method 04/20/2016 National29
169454 155news.aspxNewsRest Periods Are Commissioned California Employees Entitled to Separate Pay for Rest Periods? Current National27
153993 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersHours of Work Are there unique laws that apply to compensation for employees that can sleep during a shift? Can they be paid less than would be required if they were awake for a shift? Current National27
168686 155news.aspxNewsFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) FLSA: Proceed with caution when changing employee classifications Current National26
151886 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersMinimum Wage We are thinking of giving our commissioned drivers a daily guarantee based on the number of deliveries scheduled. If broken down into an hourly amount, it would be more than 1 1/2 times the minimum wage. Is this acceptable? Current National26
160729 155news.aspxNewsOvertime Fair Labor Standards Act Exemptions from Overtime 09/23/2010 National25
160649 155news.aspxNewsOvertime What HR Needs to Know About Calculating Regular Rate of Pay 05/10/2010 National25
168093 155news.aspxNewsFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) FLSA Roundup 06/12/2014 National22
170121 155news.aspxNewsRest Periods Can California Employer Find Any Silver Linings in $102 Million Verdict? 08/12/2019 National21
151943 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersOvertime How much do you pay for OT on a tipped ee whose reg rate of pay is below min wage (2.30)? Current National21
154036 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) What is the difference between hourly and Salary Non-Exempt. Also can a salary non-exempt employee not be paid overtime until they have worked in excess of 50 hours? Current National21
151549 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersDeductions From Pay Recently we have offered commercial fueling cards to our employees. Every 10 days we issue invoices for card usage. If we have the written consent of the employees, can we deduct these invoices from their paychecks? Current National20
151512 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersDeductions From Pay We inadvertently overpaid some employees. Can we begin to deduct the past overpayments from future checks? Current National20
153951 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) In a telemarketing operation, is it permissible to make/request telemarketers to stay after their shift until their quota has been made? Current National19
155268 155news.aspxNewsCompensation Administration Wal-Mart Raises Starting Pay Rates By 6 Percent at Some Stores 08/08/2006 National19
167395 155news.aspxNewsOvertime Calculating overtime pay for a 'salaried' employee 03/11/2013 National18
167588 155surveys.aspxSurveysCompensation Administration Pay Budget Survey Summary: 2013 - 2014 Current National17
169839 155news.aspxNewsPaychecks Pay Stub Headaches: Penalties for Noncompliant Wage Statements Can Add Up Current National17
151607 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersExempt Employees Can you please define for me the term "non-exempt salaried" employee? Current National16
160667 155news.aspxNewsOvertime Fluctuating Workweek Method of Pay Poses Cost-Saving Opportunities 05/13/2010 National16
151523 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersDeductions From Pay If I have a sick time policy, how does it apply to the exempt employees? Current National16
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