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1101760155 AnalysisERISA ERISA Current National72
109671155 AnalysisRetirement Savings and Pension Plans Retirement Savings/401(k) Current National64
11103183155 AnalysisBenefits Recordkeeping and Disclosures Welfare and Pension Reports Current National10
11104184155 AnalysisWithholding Withholding Current National6
11042110155 AnalysisMilitary Service (USERRA) Military Service Current National5
155864 155news.aspxNewsBenefits Gender Gap Shrinking For Employment-Based Pension Income 02/06/2008 National201
169665 155news.aspxNewsRetirement DB Plan Sponsor’s Interest in Pension Risk Transfer Accelerating Current National102
169307 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Pension Buyout Sales Reached Nearly $6 Billion for Q3, Says LIMRA Current National86
170105 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) Pension Buyout Transactions Soared to Highest Levels in 30+ Years 07/15/2019 National78
150189 155news.aspxNewsERISA Traditional Pensions Losing Ground 09/18/2002 National74
150209 155news.aspxNewsERISA Consultant Raises Flag Over Defined-Benefit Regs 12/04/2002 National72
169547 155news.aspxNewsRetirement LIMRA Data: Pension Buyouts at Highest Q1 Level in 15 Years Current National60
169943 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) DB Plans with 95% Funding Make Buyouts, Risk Transfers ‘Feasible’ Current National57
170038 155news.aspxNewsBenefits ‘Outdated’ Mortality Tables a Growing Source of Litigation Exposure for DB Plans 03/11/2019 National56
169331 155news.aspxNewsERISA DOL: Lifetime Income Can Be Part of Prudent QDIA Current National55
150100 155news.aspxNewsERISA Got Questions about Cash Balance Plans? DOL Has Answers 12/15/1999 National54
170057 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) IRS Permits DB Plan Sponsors to Offer Retiree Lump-Sum Windows 04/08/2019 National52
169942 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) Study: Using Real Market Returns for Interest Crediting Reduces Cash Balance Plans’ Volatility Current National52
150159 155news.aspxNewsERISA IRS Announces Final Required Minimum Distribution Rules 04/19/2002 National48
153201 155jobdescriptions.aspxJob DescriptionsJob Descriptions Insurance Actuary Current National44
169045 155news.aspxNewsDefined Benefit Plans IRS issues guidance on taxing distributions to those in phased retirement 08/01/2016 National36
159372 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) More 401(k) Plans Offer Annuities as Payout Option 01/11/2010 National36
158760 155news.aspxNewsRetirement NJ Passes Public Employee Pension and Benefits Reform Act 12/05/2008 National36
169329 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Second DOL FAQ on Fiduciary Rule Addresses Questions About Fiduciary Communications Current National33
155825 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersWorkers' Compensation If an employer is paying the premiums for workers' compensation insurance for their employees, are the payments received by the employee taxable? Current National28
151792 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersIndependent Contractors we are planning to hire "statutory" employees. We intend to pay them on an hourly basis, but not offer benefits, but we will supply them with our technical equipment and support. Is there anything I should know about this senario? Current National28
160319 155news.aspxNewsPayroll Which Payments Are Exempt from Tax Levy? 03/13/2010 National28
167231 155guidance.aspxGuidanceCompensation Administration Glossary of Compensation Terms Current National27
169997 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) 10 Investment Actions for DB Plans in the New Year 01/11/2019 National26
150214 155news.aspxNewsERISA Bush Proposes Retirement-Plan Changes 01/31/2003 National24
150213 155news.aspxNewsERISA Bush Proposes Retirement-Plan Changes 02/03/2003 National24
159624 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersWelfare and Pension Reports Is there an expansion of 5500 form requirements that will affect small employers? Current National24
160907 155news.aspxNewsERISA Supreme Court Rules ERISA Provision Did Not Authorize Relief 05/23/2011 National24
158781 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) For Katrina Victims, No Penalty for Early 401(k) Distributions 10/19/2005 National20
154843 155news.aspxNewsBenefits For Katrina Victims, No Penalty for Early Retirement-Plan Distributions 10/19/2005 National20
158761 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Teacher Quits Because of Stress, Denied Retirement Benefits 03/06/2009 National20
151589 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersERISA We are a company with 38 employees and are talking about adding profit sharing as a benefit. Can you give me some guidelines to follow? Current National20
169725 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) 401(k) Hardship Withdrawal Rules Current National19
152255 155faqs.aspxQuestions & AnswersWelfare and Pension Reports Is there a minimum employer group size or are all companies mandated to provide a summary plan description? Can we use our insurance carrier's benefit booklet as a replacement? Current National18
169996 155news.aspxNewsRetirement Savings/401(k) Shorter Life Expectancy Could Reduce Employer Balance-Sheet Liabilities for Pensions 01/07/2019 National13
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