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Hiring (including Recruiting)
National Summary
Good hiring practices can eliminate many legal risks, reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve morale. Making an ill-advised hiring decision, on the other hand, can result in turnover, duplicative training, missed opportunities, and lost customers. In addition, hiring an individual who is not a good match for a position or good fit in a company eventually leads to employment termination. Every termination (no matter how justifiable and well documented) exposes the organization to the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit or a discrimination claim. A number of different hiring tools can help employers find the right person for the job the first time around.
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158339tools.aspxPolicies Immigration Law and I-9 FAQ  National
160682tools.aspxChecklists Analyzing Hiring Costs Checklist  National
155790index.aspxQuestions & Answers As part of the background check, can a candidate be asked to provide proof of salary, such as tax documents?  National
156161tools.aspxForms Confirmation of Offer  National
154968tools.aspxCalculators Cost Per Hire Calculator  National
151938index.aspxQuestions & Answers Do you have any information on conducting phone interviews?  National
152898tools.aspxForms Employee Referral Form  National
152891tools.aspxForms Employment Agreement I  National
152900tools.aspxForms Employment Agreement  National
152894tools.aspxForms Employment Agreement II  National
152980tools.aspxPolicies Employment agreement policy (standard)  National
152892tools.aspxForms Employment Check Sheet  National
155515tools.aspxForms Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form)  National
154550index.aspxQuestions & Answers Has there been an update to the federal I-9 form recently?  National
156457index.aspxAnalysis Hiring  National
151937index.aspxQuestions & Answers I am implementing a new employee orientation program. I know it could benefit the company because productivity will increase, retention and less turnover - but how do I measure it?  National
152981tools.aspxPolicies Immigration law and I-9 procedures policy for new hires  National
152899tools.aspxForms Interview Comments Form  National
152882tools.aspxForms Job Description Questionnaire  National
152896tools.aspxForms New Employee Entrance Form  National
152897tools.aspxForms New Hire Checklist  National
153078tools.aspxChecklists Orientation Audit Checklist  National
153077tools.aspxChecklists Orientation Checklist  National
152895tools.aspxChecklists Preliminary Job Description Checklist for ADA Compliance  National
152881tools.aspxForms Preliminary Job Description Questionnaire  National
152982tools.aspxPolicies Probationary period policy (standard)  National
152984tools.aspxPolicies Re-employment of Veterans (Progressive)  National
152983tools.aspxPolicies Re-Employment of Veterans (Standard)  National
168782surveys.aspxSurveys Recruiting and Retention Survey - 2015  National
169491surveys.aspxSurveys Recruiting Survey - 2017  National
152893tools.aspxForms Reference Check Form  National
152883tools.aspxForms Resume Supplement  National
156164tools.aspxForms Resume Supplement  National
169114surveys.aspxSurveys Retention & Branding Survey - 2016  National
152884tools.aspxForms Sample Introductory Memo for Job Description Program  National
152887tools.aspxForms Sample Job Description Format I  National
152888tools.aspxForms Sample Job Description Format II  National
152889tools.aspxForms Sample Job Description Format III  National
152890tools.aspxForms Sample Job Description Format IV  National
152885tools.aspxForms Sample Position Description Format  National
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