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Hiring (including Recruiting)
National Summary
Good hiring practices can eliminate many legal risks, reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve morale. Making an ill-advised hiring decision, on the other hand, can result in turnover, duplicative training, missed opportunities, and lost customers. In addition, hiring an individual who is not a good match for a position or good fit in a company eventually leads to employment termination. Every termination (no matter how justifiable and well documented) exposes the organization to the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit or a discrimination claim. A number of different hiring tools can help employers find the right person for the job the first time around.
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169491surveys.aspxSurveys Recruiting Survey - 2017 02/28/2017National
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169114surveys.aspxSurveys Retention & Branding Survey - 2016 09/06/2016National
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156161tools.aspxForms Confirmation of Offer 09/01/2012National
152896tools.aspxForms New Employee Entrance Form 04/23/2010National
158350index.aspxQuestions & Answers What is best practice in regard to asking for minimum starting salary requirements on an application? 05/18/2009National
158339tools.aspxPolicies Immigration Law and I-9 FAQ 05/07/2009National
156457index.aspxAnalysis Hiring 03/04/2009National
160682tools.aspxChecklists Analyzing Hiring Costs Checklist 02/23/2009National
152899tools.aspxForms Interview Comments Form 02/05/2009National
156164tools.aspxForms Resume Supplement 08/01/2008National
155790index.aspxQuestions & Answers As part of the background check, can a candidate be asked to provide proof of salary, such as tax documents? 11/30/2007National
154550index.aspxQuestions & Answers Has there been an update to the federal I-9 form recently? 06/22/2005National
151938index.aspxQuestions & Answers Do you have any information on conducting phone interviews? 04/04/2003National
152900tools.aspxForms Employment Agreement 03/24/2003National
152984tools.aspxPolicies Re-employment of Veterans (Progressive) 03/21/2003National
152983tools.aspxPolicies Re-Employment of Veterans (Standard) 03/21/2003National
152981tools.aspxPolicies Immigration law and I-9 procedures policy for new hires 03/21/2003National
152980tools.aspxPolicies Employment agreement policy (standard) 03/21/2003National
152982tools.aspxPolicies Probationary period policy (standard) 03/20/2003National
151937index.aspxQuestions & Answers I am implementing a new employee orientation program. I know it could benefit the company because productivity will increase, retention and less turnover - but how do I measure it? 03/12/2003National
152883tools.aspxForms Resume Supplement 02/06/2003National
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152897tools.aspxForms New Hire Checklist 02/06/2003National
152895tools.aspxChecklists Preliminary Job Description Checklist for ADA Compliance 02/06/2003National
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152886tools.aspxForms Sample Position Description Format II 02/06/2003National
152892tools.aspxForms Employment Check Sheet 02/05/2003National
152891tools.aspxForms Employment Agreement I 02/05/2003National
152894tools.aspxForms Employment Agreement II 02/05/2003National
152882tools.aspxForms Job Description Questionnaire 02/05/2003National
152898tools.aspxForms Employee Referral Form 02/04/2003National
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