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Leave of Absence (FMLA) (including FMLA (Leave of Absence))
National Summary
“Leave of absence” is another catchall term used to refer generally and broadly to employees’ requests to take leave from work—often for an extended period—to manage any of a variety of personal and family needs: personal or family illness, pregnancy, military service, family military leave, etc.
Employees are granted rights to take leave for these reasons under several federal (and, of course, state) laws, which means employers have extensive compliance responsibilities related to these laws. Key among these laws is the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which provides eligible employees with between 12 and 26 weeks of leave for needs related to their own serious health conditions, care of covered family members with serious health conditions, child bonding, and forms of family military leave.
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167356index.aspxQuestions & Answers A husband and wife work for us. The husband needs FMLA for a serious medical condition. His wife wants FMLA to care for him. Will they each get 12 weeks, or is it 12 weeks combined? 01/30/2013National
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167111index.aspxQuestions & Answers If two siblings work for the same company and their parent has a serious medical condition, do both employees have the right to 12 weeks of FMLA leave? 07/23/2012National
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159579index.aspxQuestions & Answers Under FMLA an employer can retroactively designate leave if they failed to designate the leave in the beginning. How many weeks of the 12 can they go back and designate as FMLA, and what is considered "timely manner"? 06/03/2010National
159544index.aspxQuestions & Answers If we have an employee that is on FMLA leave for 12 weeks, is it legal for her to work from home while caring for her newborn? 05/14/2010National
159452index.aspxQuestions & Answers Regarding FMLA and care for a child over 18, if the child's need for care is just temporary, such as recovering from surgery, does this qualify for FMLA? Or does their need for assistance need to be based on a permanent condition? 03/16/2010National
159428index.aspxQuestions & Answers If an employee misses 5 days of work and we know that they are not eligible for FMLA because they have not been employed for 1 year do we need to send an eligibility notice? 03/02/2010National
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159396index.aspxQuestions & Answers When an employee is late 30 days or more paying their benefit premiums while out on FMLA or any other leave, should the date of cancelation on notice reflect back to date of non-payment or the end of the 30-day grace period? 02/01/2010National
159390index.aspxQuestions & Answers If I have a part time employee who has works 20 hours a week (1040 hours a year) and has worked for the previous 12 months are they entitled to FMLA leave? Do they ever become eligible? 01/26/2010National
159381index.aspxQuestions & Answers Can an employee take FMLA for a critically ill grandchild? The child's mother is 16 years of age & the grandmother wants to take FMLA. 01/19/2010National
159344tools.aspxForms FMLA Leave Request Form for Employees 12/08/2009National
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