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Hours of Work
National Summary
The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that employers pay employees a minimum wage for all hours worked and an overtime wage for hours worked over 40 in a week. In general, hours worked for purposes of the FLSA includes all time that employees spend performing activities on their employers’ behalf. Hours worked also includes waiting time, travel time, other than time spent commuting to and from the employee’s regular place of work, breaks or meal periods that are less than 20 minutes long, and time the employee is required to spend in training, at seminars or in meetings. Hours worked for purposes of the FLSA do not include waiting time, time spent on call or time when an employee is required to carry a pager or cell phone, provided the employee is otherwise free to effectively use the time for his or her own personal purposes. The FLSA does not obligate employers to pay employees for holidays, vacation, or sick days.
The FLSA requires that employers keep accurate records of hours worked and wages paid. The statute does not limit the number of hours employees may work in a week, except in the case of minors under the age of 16. In addition, individual states may have laws that regulate the payment of wages and overtime, the hours worked by minors, and what constitutes paid work time.
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155030index.aspxQuestions & Answers Our office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, which equates to 37.5 hrs per week. We also require 15 min before and 15 min after those office hrs to allow time to prepare for the day and wrap things up. We pay for 37.5 hrs a week.  National
151790index.aspxQuestions & Answers an employee punched in earlier and punched out later than than the normal working hours and now wants compensation for these 5-8 daily minutes. Does the company have to provide records or pay the "time"?  National
154008index.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee who is on standby, but doesn't have work restrictions such as must stay at home, etc. and is called into work. When does pay start and stop?  National
151774index.aspxQuestions & Answers An hourly employee gets an additional flat rate for being on-call, but now wants to be paid at a hourly rate for taking on-call. What are we required to do?  National
151786index.aspxQuestions & Answers are employers who require employees to change from "street" clothes to "uniform" clothes, required to provide paid compensation for this requirement?  National
151781index.aspxQuestions & Answers Are there any laws in colorado that will allow me to or dis-allow me to dock time or pay for employees who simply do not take the time to carefully punch in and out?  National
156066index.aspxQuestions & Answers Are there any requirements--from the FLSA or other laws--when it comes to consecutive days of work? Is there a limit on the number of days an employee can work in a row? We are located in California.  National
151765index.aspxQuestions & Answers Are there guidelines in the state of MA for part time workers? What is the maximum number of hours a worker can work and still be considered part time?  National
153993index.aspxQuestions & Answers Are there unique laws that apply to compensation for employees that can sleep during a shift? Can they be paid less than would be required if they were awake for a shift?  National
151763index.aspxQuestions & Answers Can an employer demand that an exempt employee work a specific schedule, for example 8-5?  National
151782index.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we require an employee to call in each evening to get his scheduled start time for the next day?  National
166517index.aspxQuestions & Answers Do we have to pay hourly employees for attending a company-sponsored event on a weekend?  National
151788index.aspxQuestions & Answers Does an employee have to take a lunch break when working an 8 hour shift?  National
159316index.aspxQuestions & Answers Does an employer have to pay employees when they fill out a timesheet on an internet based payroll system at their home outside normal work hours or fill out a timesheet at computer host site?  National
151772index.aspxQuestions & Answers Does an exempt employee get a paid lunch?  National
152953tools.aspxPolicies Employee Workweek Guidelines  National
159410index.aspxQuestions & Answers Employee's normal schedule is 7:30-16:00. Employee is asked to work 7:00-16:00, they clock in at 6:50. Do we have to pay them for the time between 6:50 and 7:00?  National
152863tools.aspxForms Flexible Work Hours Audit  National
153066tools.aspxChecklists Flexible Work Hours Checklist  National
155514index.aspxQuestions & Answers Hourly employees are required by the employer to pass a professional certification exam. If they are working 40 hours a week in addition to studying for the exam, is the time spent studying compensable as overtime pay?  National
156460index.aspxAnalysis Hours of Work  National
159137tools.aspxPolicies Hours of Work  National
153065tools.aspxChecklists Hours of Work Checklist  National
151785index.aspxQuestions & Answers How do "flex" hours work with overtime?  National
151777index.aspxQuestions & Answers How many hours per week does Federal law consider full time?  National
151771index.aspxQuestions & Answers I am looking for a 9/80 alternative work schedule implemention plan.  National
151769index.aspxQuestions & Answers If a company defines their workday as that period of time from 6 a.m. of one day to 6 a.m. of the following day, how would you pay overtime to nightshift employees?  National
151779index.aspxQuestions & Answers If a man is called at home, just as he is about to leave for work, and told not to come into work, is he entitled to be paid?  National
154880index.aspxQuestions & Answers If an employer hires commissioned only sales people and requires them to attend a week long training session prior to running leads, must they be compensated for that time?  National
151787index.aspxQuestions & Answers if someone wants to shorten their lunch to just 15 minutes so that they can leave a little early, does Indiana law require that that amount of time (less than 20 minutes) be PAID?  National
151764index.aspxQuestions & Answers If we require a new hire to come in the day before they actually start work to complete the orientation process do we have to pay them for that time?  National
151773index.aspxQuestions & Answers If we require employees to get a physical, is this considered time worked and would it count toward overtime?  National
151768index.aspxQuestions & Answers If we require non-exempt employees to fill out a time sheet, does the employee have to fill out an in/out time for lunch to not be paid for that time period?  National
151778index.aspxQuestions & Answers If we send employees on a volunteer basis to a 4 day training session, are we required to pay for their study time at night?  National
151789index.aspxQuestions & Answers In NY, what is the minimum time allowed for breaks if you work 37.5 hours per week? Can an employee waive the break and work?  National
151766index.aspxQuestions & Answers In the state of AR. we place our employees on call at $1 per hour. Can they draw their PTO time while drawing call time?  National
167558index.aspxQuestions & Answers In weather disasters we require staff to spend the night in our assisted living facility. Do we have to pay them for hours off duty and/or sleeping?  National
151762index.aspxQuestions & Answers Is there a law that states what is the number of hours an employee has to work to be considered a full-time employee in the state of Washington?  National
154901index.aspxQuestions & Answers Is time workers spend donning and doffing safety gear compensable time?  National
159165tools.aspxForms Model Flexible Work Arrangement Application  National
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