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Exempt Employees
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The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay employees overtime (11/2 times their regular rate of pay) if they work over 40 hours (29 CFR 541et seq.). The FLSA also contains exemptions. Employers may not have to pay overtime to administrative, executive, professional, computer, outside sales personnel, and certain highly compensated employees (HCEs). What is an exempt employee? In order to qualify as exempt from the overtime pay requirements, an employee must pass three tests: the salary level test, salary basis test, and duties tests.
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159470index.aspxQuestions & Answers If we terminate a salaried, exempt employee on Monday morning at the beginning of his day, are we still required to pay him for the whole week, since he did work some part of the week (that is showing up for his regular duties at his regular time? 03/30/2010National
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159184index.aspxQuestions & Answers Will the rate for the federal computer employee exemption change with the increase in minimum wage? Currently, the computer employee exemption is $27.63 per hour or $455 per week (along with primary duty requirements). 07/13/2009National
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156064index.aspxQuestions & Answers If an employee's position is deemed exempt, but the employee works on a non-exempt assignment and ends up working over 40 hours, does the entire week then become non-exempt and is the employee due overtime? 07/31/2008National
156046index.aspxQuestions & Answers Our holiday policy states that employees are not eligible for holiday pay until they have completed 90-day introductory period. Can we deduct holiday hours from pay for exempt employees who haven't yet met this threshold? If not, 07/08/2008National
156037index.aspxQuestions & Answers If an exempt employee comes into work for half of an hour and needs to leave due to personal reasons are we required to pay the employee for the entire day or can we use available PTO time? 06/30/2008National
155982index.aspxQuestions & Answers Is it legal for an exempt employee to also be paid an hourly wage for performing additional duties? 05/09/2008National
155920index.aspxQuestions & Answers Our company employees clock in and out electronically. Prior to each payroll, our practice is to have all employees sign a print out of their hours. My question is specifically with regard to exempt employees. Is this practice in violation of any law 03/19/2008National
155566index.aspxQuestions & Answers Are there any wage and hour issues associated with allowing supervisors to clock in and do hourly work after they have completed their supervisory duties? 05/22/2007National
155543index.aspxQuestions & Answers Can you dock a salaried exempt employee's salary for a day not worked, if he is not entitled to any paid time off yet? 05/01/2007National
155507index.aspxQuestions & Answers May exempt employees take paid time off (PTO) in less than full day increments? In other words, can an exempt employee take 2 hours of PTO? 03/27/2007National
155485index.aspxQuestions & Answers Does the concurrent performance of exempt and nonexempt work disqualify an employee from exempt status? 03/06/2007National
155356index.aspxQuestions & Answers If an employee is hired as an exempt employee but, during their first 90 days, they are in training and do not perform exempt duties, is their exempt status still in place or will they be considered non-exempt until they assume full exempt duties? 10/31/2006National
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