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Travel Time
National Summary
There are travel time rules that apply to time spent traveling to another location for a special assignment, substantial travel for an emergency outside the normal working hours, and time spent traveling during regular work hours as part of the employee’s principal job duties. There are rules for when an employee reports to a central location to pick up equipment before proceeding to his or her assigned worksite. Overnight travel or travel away from home is work time when it cuts across the employee’s normal workday and/or requires the employee to work on weekends or days when he or she would not otherwise be required to work.
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170225index.aspxGuidance Travel Time, On-call, and Training Pay: How to Comply with FLSA Rule for Overtime-eligible Employees (1/2020) 02/13/2020National
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158377index.aspxQuestions & Answers We pay mileage to remote mobile workers from the time they leave their home and till they return in the evening. I believe their pay starts when they leave their home and ends when they return. Is this correct? 06/01/2009National
156492index.aspxAnalysis Travel Time 03/04/2009National
155493index.aspxQuestions & Answers What are the requirements when paying an employee when they are traveling for the company. If an employee travels for the company but it takes longer than 8 hours to get to the destination, are we required to pay them the entire time? 03/13/2007National
155190index.aspxQuestions & Answers If we have an out-of-town voluntary management training, are we required to pay for nonexempt employees' travel time and travel costs? 06/13/2006National
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152188index.aspxQuestions & Answers What are the FLSA travel rules for hourly employees? 05/13/2003National
152187index.aspxQuestions & Answers What is the policy on paying associates who travel out of town for company business regarding travel time? 04/01/2003National
152186index.aspxQuestions & Answers When an employee, who is paid a salary and overtime based on hours worked, is required to travel out of town overnight to work do they get paid for travel time outside of their regular work day? 04/01/2003National
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152183index.aspxQuestions & Answers I need to know if travel time going to the airport and in an airplane for a business trip or for a training class is compensable for a non-exempt employee. 03/13/2003National
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152180index.aspxQuestions & Answers Can employees be required to provide liability coverage on a personal vehicle used for business purposes? 02/03/2003National
153011tools.aspxPolicies Travel time policy (standard) 01/30/2003National
152181index.aspxQuestions & Answers As an incentive, if we request our maintenance staff to report to work during non-work hours to repair broken equipment Does this "travel" time have to be included in overtime calculations? 01/23/2003National
152179index.aspxQuestions & Answers What is the 2003 IRS mileage rate? 01/21/2003National
152162index.aspxQuestions & Answers I understand the federal requirements for paying employees for their time spent traveling. Are there state requirements? 12/04/2002National
152167index.aspxQuestions & Answers when an employee is requested by the employer to travel for training and the travel time is on a weekend, is the employer required to pay for the travvel time? 10/30/2002National
152174index.aspxQuestions & Answers Is there any law in California that requires an employee to be paid for drive time to and from work when the employee is using a company vehicle? 10/18/2002National
152165index.aspxQuestions & Answers We have an employee on loan to another company. Her commute is now 1.5 hours longer per day. The client will not pay for these extra hours, but should we pay her? 10/09/2002National
152172index.aspxQuestions & Answers Directions were given and the staff person missed the exit. Are we responsible to pay for the additional 90 miles? 08/05/2002National
152176index.aspxQuestions & Answers If employees are scheduled to go to an outside seminar that the company has paid for, should they receive the 2 additional hours of pay for driving and attending? 07/25/2002National
152164index.aspxQuestions & Answers In the state of Oklahoma when an non-exempt employee is required to travel for work are they paid for 16 hours or the 8 hours they are in class/working? 07/10/2002National
152161index.aspxQuestions & Answers How shoud we pay employees for travel time from home to the job site, and from the job site to their home? 05/17/2002National
152173index.aspxQuestions & Answers Should an hourly employee who was sent to a 3-day training seminar in another state be granted comp. time (or overtime) for time spent at the seminar? 03/28/2002National
152168index.aspxQuestions & Answers Can you quote the law to me for Arkansas that will allow us to pay the worker for travel time plus the seminar? 01/29/2002National
152160index.aspxQuestions & Answers If 2 employees are sent out of state for a 2 day training seminar and they both decide to drive their personal vehicles instead of fly, would the company have to pay both of them mileage? 11/21/2001National
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152177index.aspxQuestions & Answers How do you pay a nonexempt employee who travels on company business in California? 10/17/2001National
152175index.aspxQuestions & Answers I have a question about how much is the mileage reimbursement allowable now? 08/31/2001National
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