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Job Descriptions
National Summary
Accurate job descriptions provide a basis for job evaluation, wage and salary comparisons, and an equitable wage and salary structure. They provide information about the knowledge, training, education, and skills needed for each job. Well-crafted job descriptions prevent unnecessary misunderstandings by telling employees what they need to know about their jobs. They also provide a basis from which to determine whether a disabled applicant is otherwise qualified for the job and, if so, to assist in determining what accommodation would be required for the applicant to be able to perform the essential functions of the position. To see hundreds of sample job descriptions organized by job title and industry, go to the Job Description Manager Tool at
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170305index.aspxGuidance Job Descriptions in the Age of Remote Work: Crafting the Right Descriptions for Your Workplace 02/02/2021National
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169787index.aspxJob Descriptions Civil Engineer 01/26/2018National
169788index.aspxJob Descriptions Economics Teachers, Postsecondary 01/26/2018National
169789index.aspxJob Descriptions Flight Attendant 01/26/2018National
169790index.aspxJob Descriptions Glazier 01/26/2018National
169791index.aspxJob Descriptions Home Health Aide 01/26/2018National
169792index.aspxJob Descriptions Marine Architect 01/26/2018National
169693index.aspxJob Descriptions Air Traffic Controller 10/16/2017National
169694index.aspxJob Descriptions Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators 10/16/2017National
169696index.aspxJob Descriptions Compeuter Systems Analyst 10/16/2017National
169697index.aspxJob Descriptions Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teacher, Postsecondary 10/16/2017National
169698index.aspxJob Descriptions Film and Video Editor 10/16/2017National
169699index.aspxJob Descriptions Historian 10/16/2017National
169700index.aspxJob Descriptions Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance 10/16/2017National
169701index.aspxJob Descriptions Natural Sciences Manager 10/16/2017National
169702index.aspxJob Descriptions Web Developer 10/16/2017National
169620index.aspxJob Descriptions Biochemical Engineer 07/14/2017National
169621index.aspxJob Descriptions Document Management Specialist 07/14/2017National
169622index.aspxJob Descriptions Fuel Cell Engineer 07/14/2017National
169623index.aspxJob Descriptions Geodetic Surveyor 07/14/2017National
169624index.aspxJob Descriptions Low Vision Therapist 07/14/2017National
169625index.aspxJob Descriptions Manufacturing Production Technician 07/14/2017National
169626index.aspxJob Descriptions Molecular and Cellular Biologist 07/14/2017National
169627index.aspxJob Descriptions Orthoptist 07/14/2017National
169628index.aspxJob Descriptions Quality Control Systems Manager 07/14/2017National
169629index.aspxJob Descriptions Water/Wastewater Engineer 07/14/2017National
169481index.aspxJob Descriptions Ambulance Drivers and Attendants, Except Emergency Medical Technicians 04/12/2017National
169482index.aspxJob Descriptions Brickmasons and Blockmasons 04/12/2017National
169483index.aspxJob Descriptions Cleaners of Vehicles and Equipment 04/12/2017National
169484index.aspxJob Descriptions Commercial Divers 04/12/2017National
169485index.aspxJob Descriptions Community Health Worker 04/12/2017National
169486index.aspxJob Descriptions Correctional Officers and Jailers 04/12/2017National
169487index.aspxJob Descriptions Earth Drillers, Except Oil and Gas 04/12/2017National
169488index.aspxJob Descriptions Interpreters and Translators 04/12/2017National
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