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January 13, 2001
Recruiting: More Tools & Less Insight
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Linda Trainor in BLR's Best Practices in HR

"I don't think it has ever been clearer that our profession is evolving and changing more quickly than any of us predicted. The Internet is the centerpiece of most organizations' recruiting tactics, and we now have tools to help us at every stage of the recruiting process. In fact, we have a plethora of tools and a paucity of wisdom and skill in applying them effectively."

That's how Kevin Wheeler summarizes today's recruiting environment. He's president of Global Learning Resources, Inc., a consulting and training company, focused on helping organizations develop robust, business-focused corporate education strategies.

When it comes to recruiting, Wheeler says tools and services are frequently purchased because the salesperson did an effective job in selling the benefits of their product. Recruiters sometimes purchase technology because they are fearful of losing a competitive edge if they don't have the latest and greatest technology tools.

5 tips
To help employers put the high-tech recruiting options and opportunities into perspective, he's outlined five tips every recruiter should consider.

Tip #1. Whatever software or Internet application you're using today will be obsolete within one year or less. Think before you buy.

Tip #2. Know why you're investing in the technology. Are you an Innovator, Early Adopter, Early Majority, Late Majority, or Laggard purchaser? Think before you buy.

Tip #3. All early tools copy what is done in some other way. Think before you buy.

Tip #4. Create a way to sort or categorize technology. Think before you buy.

Tip #5. Develop an overall strategy for your recruiting process. Think before you buy.

Bottom line
"To simply buy a product because it solves an immediate need may make you an Innovator, but may also put you in the corporate doghouse."

If you'd like more information about Wheeler's insights and/or reader feedback, you might want to take a look at the articles page on the Electronic Recruiting Exchange Web site at www.erexchange/

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