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April 13, 2011
What Does an Administrative Services Manager Get Paid in New York ?

What are the job responsibilities of an Administrative Services Manager? What does an individual in this position get paid in New York?

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Here is the position summary for Administrative Services Manager as found in BLR’s Salary Finder:

Direct and coordinate operational, administrative, management, and supportive services of a U.S. post office; or coordinate activities of workers engaged in postal and related work in assigned post office.

In New York the midpoint of salaries reported for the position (50th percentile) is $98,996. The 75th percentile (the rate below which 75% of salary data falls) is $125,812. The 25th percentile (the rate below which 25% of the data falls) is $78,294.

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How much should you pay an Administrative Services Manager?, a leading provider of compensation data, scores this job as an exempt job (not entitled to overtime pay), at grade 36. According to's rate ranges*, grade 36 has a minimum of $ 57,957. The midpoint is $77,279, and the maximum is $96,601.

How much should an employer pay an Administrative Services Manager in New York ? It depends on many factors, but the most important are the experience and skills of the employee or applicant. Answer these questions: How much experience does he or she have? How highly skilled is he or she? Then, use the table below. Interpolate as necessary.


Applicant's Skills and Experience
Beginner Competent Expert
Salary Survey
Rate Range Grade 36

*What is a Rate Range?

Rate ranges refer to the spread of salaries paid for jobs assigned to the same salary grade. Jobs are assigned to salary grades based on the level of responsibility, skill, and difficulty so that similar jobs are grouped together. Salary survey data are then collected for benchmark jobs within each grade and used to establish the midpoint of the rate range for that salary grade. The midpoint is the rate at which an employee who is fully qualified and performing the job at an acceptable level would be paid. The rate range for a salary grade consists of a minimum, midpoint, and maximum rate of pay.

Why is a Rate Range Important?

Rate ranges are important for several reasons. First, by grouping similar jobs together in a salary grade, an employer can insure that there is internal equity in its pay structure, e.g., jobs with similar difficulty and responsibility in the organization are paid the same. Second, employers can insure that rate ranges reflect salaries that are competitive in the market by checking benchmark jobs in each salary grade against survey data. Close analysis of compensation in the real world reveals that it is not the job title but the job grade that is important. Even though the various jobs within a particular grade may seem very different, the skills required to perform them have important similarities, giving them roughly the same value in the labor market.

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