HRSBT roundup: Excuses, smoking, and music

This week we covered excuses, smoking, and listening to music. It's the Strange But True week in review!

Sorry Boss, I Can’t Make It in Today! I Just Put a Casserole in the Oven!—What is the craziest excuse you’ve ever used for calling out of work? No, this isn’t a game of Truth or Dare; it was a survey question posed by CareerBuilder and the results are quite comical! Employers have reported hearing excuses that range from downright absurd to painfully embarrassing.

Are Your Employees ‘Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room’? And What Are They Smoking?—As that old song goes, if you suspect that employees are still sneaking smokes in restrooms and are not adhering to your no-smoking policy and state or local laws, now you can find out—even if the smoke is from marijuana!

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Listening to Music at Work Won’t Get You in Treble—Most retail workers know that listening to music on the job is a requirement, and for those who work at Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister, they are slightly deaf because of it! But what about most other jobs? Is it OK to listen to music then? According to a study, listening to music on the job can actually boost your productivity.

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