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HRSBT roundup: Cyber imprints and HR

This week we covered “cyber imprints”, Mike Rowe, and your own strange HR stories.

Cyber Termination: Algorithms May Kill the Need for Résumés—Résumés may soon become relics of HR’s past, with a specifically designed algorithm examination of applicants’ blog posts, tweets, and “cyber imprints” replacing them in the near future.

Submit your own HR Strange But True! story and it could be featured on an upcoming column.

Jobs Go from ‘Dirty’ to ‘Unique’ for Skilled Trades Proponent—He took us, usually wearing some wacky looking personal protective equipment (PPE), to see him try over 300 jobs that defied description, but were mostly smelly, dangerous—and dirty!  Now, reports CNN, he will show us jobs that are not only unique but also essential.

You Saw What? At Work?—Some of our best HR Strange But True! articles didn’t come from the newspapers, but from our readers. Do you have a tale to tell?

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