HRSBT roundup: Pickup lines, timers, and bathroom breaks

This week we pickup lines, tomato-shaped timers, and your own strange HR stories.

‘Tomato’ Keeps Employees Productive and/or Hungry—These days life can become pretty distracting, especially with all the text messages, e-mails, and social media posts that happen to cross our computers or phones in any given minute. Of course, you could always wait to “like” your friend’s status until after you’ve finished the expense report, but work can wait, right?! It’s no wonder that the 2 least productive days are Thursdays and Fridays; everyone is too focused on the weekend to focus on their work. Time management can be a difficult thing to master, especially with our busy lives. However, investing in a tiny red tomato can improve your workflow and decrease your procrastination habits.

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‘Did It Hurt When You Fell from Heaven…. Because I Have to Fill Out This OSHA 300 Log’—In case you missed it, CareerBuilder® decided to have a little fun at the 2014 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) event this year by sponsoring a contest for the best Human Resource pickup lines. In order to compete, you had to enter your pickup line on Twitter with the hashtag HRpickuplines.

EPA Employees Don’t Take Their ‘Duty’ Seriously—So, the new trend in the workforce is hiring Millennials, but it appears that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) misunderstood the term and, instead, hired children. Even at a government level, employees can still act immature and inappropriate!

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