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Each month, BLR conducts a nationwide survey of HR, compensation, and benefits professionals to learn about current policies and practices throughout the country. On average, more than 1,800 individuals participate in the surveys. The data from each survey is aggregated then shared with survey participants and posted on our websites.

Below is a timeline of previous surveys, with a link to each survey's results.

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No individual organization’s information is shared. Only results in the aggregate is sent to participants or used by BLR for articles or in any other form of distribution.

See below for many of the surveys conducted during recent years. Older surveys are archived here.

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168393surveys.aspxSurveys Benefits: Retirement Survey - 2015 (Detailed Summary with Tables)  National
160704surveys.aspxSurveys Benefits Communication Survey Results - 2011  National
167958surveys.aspxSurveys Benefits: Health Insurance - 2014  National
168392surveys.aspxSurveys Benefits: Retirement - 2015  National
167983surveys.aspxSurveys Benefits: Retirement Survey - 2014 (Detailed Summary with Tables)  National
167982surveys.aspxSurveys Benefits: Retirement Survey Summary - 2014  National
160533surveys.aspxSurveys Business Travel and Relocation Benefits Survey Results - 2011  National
160837surveys.aspxSurveys Cash Compensation Methodologies Survey Results - 2011  National
160954surveys.aspxSurveys Cost of Benefits Provided Survey Results - 2011  National
168235surveys.aspxSurveys Employee Leave Survey Summary - 2014  National
168236surveys.aspxSurveys Employee Leave Survey Summary with Tables - 2014  National
166648surveys.aspxSurveys Family Leave Survey Results - 2011  National
160155surveys.aspxSurveys Fringe Benefit Survey Series - 2010: Benefits for Part-Time Employees  National
160091surveys.aspxSurveys Fringe Benefit Survey Series - 2010: Tuition Assistance Practices  National
167264surveys.aspxSurveys Holiday Practices Survey Data - 2012  National
167753surveys.aspxSurveys Holiday Practices Survey Data - 2013  National
167263surveys.aspxSurveys Holiday Practices Survey Summary - 2012  National
167754surveys.aspxSurveys Holiday Practices Survey Summary - 2013  National
168262surveys.aspxSurveys Holiday Practices Survey Summary - 2014  National
168263surveys.aspxSurveys Holiday Practices Survey Summary with Tables - 2014  National
167222surveys.aspxSurveys Paid Time Off Practices Survey Data - 2012  National
166491surveys.aspxSurveys Paid Time Off Practices Survey Results - 2011  National
167223surveys.aspxSurveys Paid Time Off Practices Survey Summary - 2012  National
168539surveys.aspxSurveys Pay Budget and Variable Pay Survey Summary - 2015-2016  National
168540surveys.aspxSurveys Pay Budget and Variable Pay Survey Summary with Tables - 2015-2016  National
159896surveys.aspxSurveys Pay Budget Survey Summary - 2011  National
166489surveys.aspxSurveys Pay Budget Survey Summary - 2012  National
167124surveys.aspxSurveys Pay Budget Survey Summary: 2012 - 2013  National
168127surveys.aspxSurveys Pay Budgets Survey - 2014-2015 (Detailed Summary with Tables)  National
168128surveys.aspxSurveys Pay Budgets Survey Summary - 2014-2015  National
160945surveys.aspxSurveys Pay for Performance Survey Results - 2011  National
168081surveys.aspxSurveys Performance Management Survey Summary - 2014  National
168498surveys.aspxSurveys Performance Management Survey Summary - 2015  National
168082surveys.aspxSurveys Performance Management Survey Summary with Tables - 2014  National
168499surveys.aspxSurveys Performance Management Survey Summary with Tables- 2015  National
168422surveys.aspxSurveys Perks & Insurance Survey Summary - 2015  National
168423surveys.aspxSurveys Perks & Insurance Survey Summary with Tables - 2015  National
168160surveys.aspxSurveys Policy Practices Survey Summary - 2014  National
168567surveys.aspxSurveys Policy Practices Survey Summary - 2015  National
168159surveys.aspxSurveys Policy Practices Survey Summary with Tables - 2014  National
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